SUB-HEADING - About the authors

Why have we called our apartment The Writer's Retreat ? Well, more accurately we should be calling it The Artist's and Writer's Retreat, but we couldn't fit that on the page!

Jane is an artist (, using oil and acrylic to create vibrant and original paintings, also captured on her own range of greetings cards.


Neil is a writer, contributing to a number of magazines, as well as writing his novel Muddy Water, published by Hornet Books in 2015.

His next book, Florida Key, is currently being written in Montolieu, and will be published in 2017. Sometimes it's difficult to concentrate on the writing when the view is so mesmerising. And with Adrian's wine shop only seconds away, the temptation to fold up the iPad is sometimes too overwhelming!


We wonder whether Patrick Süskind, author of Perfume: Story of a Murderer was similarly distracted when at his own retreat, just a few yards away from ours. 

But of course it's not necessary to be an artist, a writer, a sculptor or a musician - or indeed anything creative at all - to enjoy the wonderful town of Montolieu, and the tranquility of this Writer's Retreat apartment.

You just need to appreciate the relaxed way of French living, become the master of your time, and not the other way round.

Enjoy the excellent local cuisine, breath in some fresh air, and pat yourselves on the back for discovering this little gem of a place.

We hope you will choose our home to be your home for the duration of your next holiday.

Please feel free to contact us, using the form at the 'BACK COVER' of these pages.

We look forward to hearing from you.